The HDR FAQ Page

Listed below is a set of Frequently Asked Questions with answers (in reverse order). Start here if you have a few questions or issues on your mind about the FOXSAT-HDR.

Q. Can I upgrade my internal hard disk, and what model is recommended?
A. Although you invalidate your warranty by opening the HDR, but yes, you can upgrade the internal hard disk with a bigger one. These are the hard drive people have reported to work inside an HDR: Western Digital 1TB WD10EVCS, 1TB WD10EADS, and 1TB Samsung HD103UJ SpinPoint F1. The HDR manual warns: The company shall not be liable for problems caused by changing hard disk drive by user. If you have old recordings on your replaced hard drive, you can put this into a USB hard disk enclosure and connect it to the HDR to transfer recordings onto the new internal disk. For more info about disk replacement, read this thread on DS, or this thread on

Q. I look into my Schedule timers list and find old timers hanging around after the programme has recorded. Is this normal?
A. Yes, these are Series Record timers that have not been updated. When the HDR is unable to find the next episode to record, it will leave the timer there (with the old date/time) until it can find the SR metadata to update it. There is no 'end-of-series' marker in the Freesat+ system, so this timer will be there for upto 13 weeks before it is deleted. If you know that the series that the timer is for, has ended, you can simply delete it. Otherwise leave it there to for the HDR to record the next in the series!

Q. How do I find out what channels are currently recording?
A. When watching live TV, press the info button 'i' to see what is being recorded. The channels being recorded should be displayed on the top left of the screen, with a circular indicator hinting how long is left of that programme to record.

Q. Is it possible for me to record what is in the live buffer?
A. No. Pressing record while playing the buffer in timeshifted mode will prompt you to exit and record from the live point onwards.

Q. What does the 'HD>' and the blue 'jigsaw puzzle' symbols mean in the EPG?
A. The 'HD>' indicates an HD Alternative Instance programme is available (on ITV HD or BBC HD) for that specific programme and the blue jigsaw puzzle indicates a Split Event programme (schedule one part of the this programme will automatically schedule the other part).

Q. Is it true I can NOT transfer HD recordings to my external hard disk?
A. Yes. Broadcast copyright prohibits this. Programmes that can not be transfer to an external device are indicated by a disc symbol with a cross next to it.

Q. How do I transfer recordings to my external hard disk or USB stick?
A. Connect the external drive or USB stick to one of the USB ports. If it is a valid format, no messages should coming up telling you to format it, but that a USB device has been connected. When in the Media list, pressing the Opt+ button will bring up a plate with left and right panes. The right shows the USB device, and the left shows the internal drive. Move the cursor to the right pane and select the item marked sdaX*. Pressing OK will take you into the device and the HDR will show you a list of recordings already there. If there are none, it will be empty. Back to the left hand pane, select the recording (or rmultiple recordings, using the Edit Mode, press the Yellow button and press OK to tick items) you wish to transfer. If the HDR recognise it can transfer the recording(s) to the destination on the right pane, it will show the Green button 'Copy' function. Press Green to transfer the recording(s). [*X being a number, 0 , 1, or 2]

Q. Paper listing indicates that a programme on ITV1 is available in HD, but when the programme is highlighted in the EPG, there is no HD icon and scheduling it does not give the option to record it in HD...
A. Either the paper listing is incorrect, or the (EPG) metadata sent by ITV1 to indicate whether a programme is in HD and is available to record is incorrect.

Q. How do I reserve an ITV HD programme to record?
A. When browsing the EPG on the ITV1 channel entry, if the programme has a schedule HD showing, there will be the HD icon when the highlight is over that programme. At this point, pressing OK to schedule a timer to record this programme, will pop up a dialogue giving you the choice of recording the programme in HD or SD.

Q. How do I record ITV HD?
A. When there is an ITV HD programme showing live, there will be a Red button option to switch to watching from the ITV1 channels to ITV HD. Once switched over to the HD channel, pressing the record button on the remote will record that programme in HD.

Q. One of my recordings is annotated 'Recording has failed unknown reason', but it plays OK.
A. This can happen if the recording length is not what was expected, for example, if the user terminated recording early or the programme overlapped with another due to autopadding it could not fulfil. Check the Billed time against the timings listed under the programme title.

Q. What does the symbol G within a circle beside my recording mean?
A. This symbol indicates that the broadcaster has marked this particular programme with a Guidance warning. Using the Info button, you can call up the synopsis test to find out what it is the broadcaster want to warn you about. See this screenshot.

Q. My HDR keeps turning itself off for some unknown reason!
A. If the power saving option is turned on (and it is on by default), then the box will turn itself of after a period of inactivity (3 hours or so).

Q. I've just recorded a programme, and when in the Media list, there are no thumbnails. Where are they?
A. Thumbnails are created overnight (3 am) after the recording has been made.

Q. I've created a folder in the Media list, and would like to move some of my recordings into it, but I've no idea how.
A. Once you've created a folder (in File Manager) move over to the left hand pane and then go into that folder you wish the recordings to be moved into. Once in the chosen folder, move back to the right hand pane and then go into the Edit Mode (press Yellow) so you can select multiple recordings (just highlight and tick the recordings by pressing OK) to move, or you can just highlight a single recording (without going into Edit Mode). To move the selected recordings press the Green button (now that it is no longer greyed out.)

Q. How do I create a folder?
A. In the Media list plate, press the Opt+ button on the remote. Select File Manager, and press OK. Press the Blue button on the remote to get the functions, and select Make Folder option. Type in the name for the folder, and then Yellow to finish. See this screenshot.

Q. I don't seem to be able to delete folders in the Media list!
A. You need to access the 'File Manager' to be able to delete folders and perform other functions. In the Media list, press the Opt+ button on the remote and choose File Manager on the dialogue. You can delete a folder and all its contents at the same time using the File Manager.

Q. I don't seem to be able to delete my recordings in the Media list!
A. You can not delete recordings when the HDR is currently recording. The option of delete is not shown in the dialogue when you press OK on that recording in the Media list.To delete recordings, wait for all recordings to stop.

Q. I can not make my 'Favourite' channels to just appear when calling up the EPG. How can I do this?
A. It is not possible to have 'Favourites' in the EPG due to a Freesat restriction. Favourites can only be accessed via the LIST plate. Call it up by pressing the List button and pressing Blue for My Channels. Favourites can be nagivated via the i-plate.

Q. When calling up the EPG, it takes a while before the sound and picture to appear. Is this a bug?
A. No it is not a bug. When calling up the EPG, the HDR tunes into its 'Home transponder' to retrieve and update the EPG data. While it is doing this, it can not show the currently channel and sound. This takes roughly 30 secs, and the picture and sound will be underlayed behing the EPG.

Q. I can't seem to tune into the ITV HD channel; how do I watch ITV HD?
A. ITV HD is only available via the interactive Red button. When a programme is showing on ITV1 (but not stv or UTV) and is also available on ITV HD, the 'press Red button for ITV HD' appears. And pressing the Red button will take you to the ITV HD channel where you can watch that programme in HD. (See Recording ITV HD, above.)

Q. How do I turn of the Channel Genre dialogue, that appears before the EPG?
A. Menu->Setup->Other->Channel Genre->Disable. Pressing the Guide button will now display all channels in the EPG. Press Opt+ to choose a Channel Genre once in the EPG.

Q. Does the HDR support the 4:3 aspect ratio some channels are broadcasted in?
A. Yes. If your TV does not automatically do this, then you need to change the Display Format setting in the TV Setup to 4:3 Pillar Box. See this menu screenshot.

Q. The HDR has two tuners - does this mean I can record two programmes at the same time?
A. Yes. You can record two programmes simultaneously showing on two different channels, and watch a recorded programme. Or you can record two and watch a third channel (but you are limited to which channel you can watch). Using the LIST button to call up the LIST plate:
  • Channels names that are RED are the channels currently recording.
  • Channels you can watch are BLACK.
  • Channels that can not be watched are GREY-ed out.

Q. The sound from the HDR is too low compared with the sound on my other devices.
A. Initially, and after a factory reset, the volume is set at half the maximum level. Use the volume+ button on the remote to increase the sound volume.

Q. I find the front panel display too bright, and I also find the blue/red light too bright also.
A. Some owners have found sticking some darken tape over the display and the light work.

Q. I find the HDR is not very responsive with the remote; the remote is very directional.
A. You need to peel off the protective film that covers the front fascia, and another one on covering the panel behind the flip down fascia.

Q. How long does the HDR take to start up?
A. The box takes 30 seconds from the press of the power button to a picture appearing.

Q. What is the current firmware version?
A. The latest firmware for the HDR is version HPRFSCI 1.00.02

Q. Do I need two satellite feeds (cables) from 28E for the box to work?
A. This is the recommended configuration, two feeds to the box. However, the box will work (with limited functions) with 1 feed. Note: you currently can not upgrade the firmware OTA with only 1 feed.

Q. What is the warranty period on the HDR?
A. This depends on where you buy the box from. Some retailers give 2 years warranty, other only 1 year.

Q. Is an HDMI cable included?
A. Yes, the HDR comes with HDMI, SCART and RCA cables.

Q. Where can I get the Humax FOXSAT-HDR manual?
A. Download it here from Humax's website here (PDF).

Q. Where is the Humax FOXSAT/Freesat website?
A. Here: